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Mondia enables members of the international business community to unlock their potential in the Middle East. Mondia’s wealth of expertise and unparalleled network of high-level contacts can be adapted to accommodate every commercial level ranging from customised consulting services to partnerships all the way to investments in the form of joint ventures or acquisitions. Mondia focuses on three core divisions:

Services: Mondia supports clients at all critical points on the road to commercial success from the testing of markets, company start up and project realisation to successful development, diversification and regional expansion.

Mondia can also create innovative financial solutions for clients ranging from acquisitions and valuations to mergers and public private partnerships.

Partnerships: Mondia partners with highly reputable companies at regional and international level to maximise their business potential. Using a flexible approach to suit any requirement from regional representation to board level advice, Mondia has entered into a range of mutually beneficial strategic alliances and cooperation partnerships.

Investments: Mondia’s comprehensive network of regional partners, key decision makers and unparalleled Middle Eastern information base provide solid foundations on which to build investment opportunities. Mondia enters into joint ventures or acquires companies with the aim of creating a commercial vision that is beneficial to all parties and adds value to the dynamic growth of the Middle Eastern region.