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A market study gives clients the opportunity to explore the Middle East without the need to travel to the region or deal with any challenges associated with foreign language or culture. A market study provides a solid foundation on which clients can base their business plans and assess the feasibility of their goals.

Studies allow clients to:

  • Evaluate market volume, key players and competitors’ strengths and weaknesses before investing valuable time and resources in an area which may or may not support their budget requirements.
  • Assess regional standards and regulations while learning about growth and development in their area of interest.
  • Examine their legal status in the Middle East and investigate the distribution channels, consumer profiles and processes that would be needed to introduce their products into the region.
  • Identify competition prices, important consumer groups and key decision makers.

Study Procedures

Mondia organises surveys by telephone, email, fax or personal interview in order to assimilate the information clients require. This data is then reinforced by research gathered from surveys, publications, government contacts and Mondia’s own extensive regional network of high-ranking decision makers.

Customised Studies

Market studies are tailored to fit customer requirements and budget whether the client requires an extensive in-depth analysis or a general market overview. A dedicated Mondia consultant is appointed in each case to ensure the study is completely client and result focused.