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Market testing gives clients the opportunity to introduce and evaluate their products and services in the UAE in just a week. The process introduces clients to their market and enables them to network and build personal relationships with the main players relevant to their business.


  • Prior to market testing, a dedicated Mondia consultant works with the client to become fully familiarised with their products, services and goals.
  • The consultant then identifies the ideal Middle Eastern contacts and opportunities that will add value to a customer’s business and discusses these with the client.
  • During the market testing week clients can enjoy between 20 and 25 meetings during which they can identify how, why and with whom their business will thrive.
  • Mondia consultants accompany clients during all Middle Eastern meetings and offer assistance and support when required.
  • Mondia’s consultants have European experience tempered with Middle Eastern insight and can advise how clients should proceed at every critical stage of market testing. The consultants also provide detailed background on the dos and don’ts of regional business practice.
  • By the end of the week clients will be in a realistic position to evaluate the potential their business has in the region.