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The process of company registration in the Middle East should start with the questions, “What legal form of company do I need?” and, “How do I benefit?”.

If these decisions are to be made in the UAE they will inevitably focus on either forming a free zone company or the founding of a business on the open market.

If clients decide to set up a free zone company, they have to decide which of the numerous free zone areas in the UAE’s seven emirates best suit their business model.

If they decide to establish a company on the open market, they need to find a qualified and trustworthy UAE national partner with whom they can work.

In either case, Mondia’s experience will guide clients through this decision-making process to ensure time and money are saved and potential complications avoided.

Free Zone

Mondia staff helps clients organise their documents in an optimal manner to meet all the legal requirements of registration and verification before they are presented to the authorities.

Mondia then provides continuous updates on the application development progress. Throughout the procedure, Mondia consultants personally stay in touch with free zone authorities so any challenges are addressed immediately.

Once the company is registered, Mondia supports client employees during the processing of their employment visas.

Open Market

If clients decide to establish a company on the open market, they will liaise directly with Mondia’s directors.