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The founders and directors of Mondia provide a wealth of international business experience that is combined with a dynamic mind-set finely tuned to Middle Eastern sensitivities.

Companies looking to establish themselves in the region will find Mondia a people-based organisation that fluently speaks the languages of international and Middle Eastern commerce.

Robert Heyster - Director

Robert Heyster

Robert Heyster has worldwide commercial experience and has been acquiring and managing businesses in the Middle East since 1990. Qualified as an engineer and manager, Robert Heyster is a salesman and entrepreneur at heart who brings strategic vision and detailed insight into projects.

Simon Rahmann - Director

Simon Rahmann

Having lived in the UAE since 1991, Simon Rahmann has a strong insight into the regional market with considerable access to a broad network of companies and key decision makers throughout the Middle East and Africa. Simon Rahmann’s background is in economics, media and communications (BSc Industrial Economics and MBA) and he has worked with Bertelsmann Media Corporation.

Sean Emery - Director

Sean Emery

Sean Emery is regarded as one of the Middle East’s leading experts in investment strategy, corporate finance and shareholder value creation. As well as the fields of e-commerce, e-procurement and the IT sector, Sean Emery has in-depth experience of structuring corporate finance transactions, listings, mergers and acquisitions for major multinationals.

Dr. Amadeo Rahmann - Director

Dr. Amadeo Rahmann

Dr. Amadeo Rahmann is a well-established businessman with Arabic roots who has worked in the Middle East since 1990. He has successfully completed projects in numerous fields in cooperation with internationally renowned companies. His unparalleled access to key decision makers in the region has enabled Mondia and its partner companies to conduct business successfully throughout the Middle East and Africa.